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Iresha is the Wealth & Money Mindset Coach of the new generation who works exclusively with female entrepreneurs, bringing them into the next level.
She is recognized for her unique concept of "Wealth Identity Creation" that has brought hundreds of female entrepreneurs to their dream lives. Iresha is the creator of "Money Mindset Elite", the VIP Program for female entrepreneurs that has taken the internet by storm.

She is also a certified Master NLP Practitioner, certified Life Coach, writer, master pianist, and a former university lecturer. She has been featured in a number of reputed media outlets.

Iresha's philosophy is that the world needs a lot more wealthy women, successful women and happier women, so every woman should try to be one. She believes that becoming wealthy should be every woman's priority.
She also believes that every woman has the power to create their absolute dream lifestyle, by just doing what they love.

Iresha has been living and working in many different countries in different continents including South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

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