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Create a highly profitable and out standing Business and Create A Premium Lifestyle, even if you are just starting out.

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Will creating a 6 - figure business change your life for good? Will that completely turn your life around, bringing you to the lifestyle of your dreams? Is being an icon in your industry, known for your work and for your self while creating a legacy is your goal?

Then you are in the right place.

Iresha Tschunke

You are an amazing, fabulous and special woman who was brave enough to take this road, the road of entrepreneurship where you can impact millions and make millions.

People around you might have thought you are dreaming too big, you are being unrealistic and that you are risking everything by taking this road when you could do a day job and get paid monthly.

But you knew that you are meant to go bigger, to live a different lifestyle and to be a bigger influence in this world.

So you started your business, you got certified in your field, you created a beautiful website, you did marketing, you are doing every possible thing in the world to make it work.

But then you realise, you are way far away from creating that premium lifestyle of your dream, creating that high-end business that you want and to make that 6 -figure profit that you wished for.

You feel hurt seeing that some people who have just started their businesses are literally living your dream life, flying first class, living in 5-star hotels, launching completely sold out high-end programs, being surrounded by other wealthy and successful people and most of all the massive amount of freedom that they have.

You feel under pressure because you feel that your family and friends are watching, and that your journey is way too slow. You feel the pressure that you might be asked to go back to a Job.

You keep wondering what do they have that you don't know.

And I do understand that feeling, that heartache of not knowing where else to try.

But I have news for you. Good news and bad news. (Well, not really bad)

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

Yes, there is something that those wealthy and successful 6 figure business creators have, that you don't have ( yet )

And the good news is, you are standing at the doorstep to find exactly what that is, and to start skyrocketing your business, your life and to change your whole world.

The moment has come for you to unlock that door, and to scale up in the speed of light!

A heartily welcome, dear thriving and brave soon to be wealthy entrepreneur, I am extremely happy to invite you into

Money Mindset Elite

A 4 month extremely powerful VIP coaching experience for women who are ready to make a change in big style, impact millions and make millions, elevate your business, brand & the image in the industry and your social status and to being your sales revenue to a whole new level.

This is a VIP 1-2-1 coaching experience, where you will be coached by myself personally, Iresha Tshunke, the wealthy identity and business coach of the new wave, who had been working with so many thriving women around the world like you, and transforming their businesses and lives to the next level, creating them a first-class world in every way.

I am blessed to work with so many fabulous determined women, turning their lives into a wealthy lifestyle, creating them the businesses of their dreams and to create more wealth into this world. I believe that getting wealthy and successful and living a privileged lifestyle should be a priority of every woman.

I have seen so many new entrepreneurs starting with technical work, creating websites, funnels and all that stuff without making any money, and then turning into the personal development industry, trying to do every personal development course thinking it will help them grow their businesses and lives.

I don't believe that it works like that. Real wealth is made of different elements, and all those elements have to be worked parallelly to create sustainable success. Pushing one element at a time forcefully is only going to bring you temporary results.

And that is a secret that is hidden in the wealthy society, between the successful business people.

And during this 4 months of this mastermind, we will use the exact method that makes you a wealthy entrepreneur, and we use the exact strategy to build your business, your image in the industry, your millionaire mindset, your millionaire social status and much more! We make sure that you and your business grow in rocket speed.

It is an intimate setting, and I will get to know you and your business to the smallest details, and creating your exponential transformation.

Together we will be working on:

  • Your Vision, Goal, Millionaire Mindset and Wealth Supportive Subconscious- Making sure that you get to achieve exactly what you wish, deep within you. It is crucial that prepare your conscious and subconscious mind to create wealth from your business, because without that, non of the work we do won't matter.
  • Your Niche - Because niche is a lot more than you think. It has to be authentic, and aligned with your goals. And your niche has to stand out in your industry, no matter how competitive it is.
  • Your Money and Wealth Management - Wealth is when money meets money management. And when you go to do business without this knowledge base, this is where you enter boom and bust cycle. This is why most of the entrepreneurs make money, but they are not wealthy, because they are not ready to manage money.
  • Your Ideal Client- Because your ideal client is another version of yourself, you are the most powerful person to know and understand her. That is why you need the right system to use that power well, and to create an unlimited clients flow, and turn them into life long fans.
  •  Your Premium Brand - Because this is the entrance to your client attraction and your publicity in the industry. We need to make sure that you are telling the world the right story which resonates at your goal level.
  • Your premium super seller offer - Because not every offer is a premium offer, we need to make sure that you really have ones. This is where your money treasure lays.
  • Your Launch- Launches are not that hard as they say. And yes, you can create a multi figure launch, even if you are just starting out. (even if you have never launched before!) All you need is the right knowledge.
  • Your Celebrity Identity - Because you are the root of your business, the root of your success, it is crucial that you stand out in your industry. And your identity is what brings you to the next level of doing business.
  • Your Upgrade Plan - A successful business always has an upgrade plan. And a successful person always has an upgrade plan for herself.
  • Your Social Status - Because you need to build the right social attraction, net work and status to literally to step into the next level of living and doing business. Your net work is your net worth. Completing this part is what makes you belong there.

Looks like a simple plan, doesn't it? This is just the tip of the iceberg, and this really is a whole new world of systems and creations which is designed to bring you exponential growth, skyrocketing your revenue and your whole status.

Money Mindset Elite

Your 6-figure business awaits...

Let me tell you simply some of the transformations you get when you enroll to this program.

  • You get to increase your financial status, radically.
  • You finally get to create your premium business that makes you large profits.
  • You create your 6-figure super selling offer that represent the story you are creating for your self and for your clients, which also brings you to your first 5 figure months.
  • You get to create your celebrity identity so that you standout in your industry, sky rocketing your success.
  • You get to upgrade your financial status, your lifestyle and your business creating a huge quantum leap of your world.
  • Your confidence as an entrepreneur rocks.
  • You step into the next level of opportunities, creating important connections, paving the way to your premium social life which supports your premium business.

Did you hear the calling in your heart? Did you feel the sparkle as you read through it?

I know you did, and this is going to be an extraordinary journey, which is going to change your whole life once and for all.

This Exclusive VIP program is carefully designed to let you grow and elevate as a person, a lovely yet super confident woman who makes loads and loads of money, who changes lives and who is creating value in the world.

So many women have been working with us and changed their lives radically into their dream lifestyles by impacting millions. And now it is your time to step into that door of success.

In this program,

  • You get 10 modules with the working materials which are held as 1-2-1 private VIP session with me. After each session, you will be given the workbook. Each session comes with a planned module, and all the 10 modules are carefully planned to achieve the big goal at the end. As we work through these modules, you are getting your work tailored just for you, as we are working intimately.(Value 9500 Euro)
  • You get 24/7 email access to me. The foundation of work is done during the session, but the biggest work which actually makes the change has to be done by yourself in between the session. It all depends on how well you imply the work we learn in the sessions. That is why you need support in between the sessions. You can contact me at any time asking guidance in between the sessions.(Value: Priceless) 
  • You get the bonus custom meditation (197 Euro value)

We want every woman to be able to afford investing on creating their success. So we have made it as possible for you as we can..

2 Payments of 2200 Euro

3 Payments of 1500 Euro

4 Payments of 1200 Euro

9 Payments of 560 Euro


Pay in full 4000 Euro

Because here is the thing:

When you have the right system that elevates not only your business but also every other element in your world, you become an unstoppable soul that commands the next level of business, money and lifestyle. You begin to live in a world that you once thought as just a dream.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

 "The Royal Treatment for Entrepreneurs. Creme de la creme"

-Christa Fernando, Germany-

"I would pay double the price for this. This is priceless. Thank you Iresha"

- Angela Merium, Netherlands-

Money Mindset Elite

The best program in the market designed for female Entrepreneurs, to create a wealthy life by doing what they love. 

Is Money Mindset Elite for everyone?

Absolutely not. I am looking for women who I can bring to the level that we are talking about, who are ready to create extraordinary results.

As such, this experience is not suited for women who:

  • Expects a quick fix - While the majority of my clients get the return of the investment even before they finish the program, (and many time more) I must be clear that one needs real dedication and commitment, and the 100% of the willingness to create the best results. It will be you who will be achieving these amazing and extraordinary results, not me. I am here to show you and bring you to the right path.
  • Are not willing to take actions and to make changes - My coaching WILL bring you out of your comfort zones, and it will be challenging. You will have to literally step into new environments, the environments of the next level we are reaching. That is a part of growing. To be at a higher level than you are now, you need to step outside of your circle. While I will be holding your hand all the time throughout this journey, you have to be ready to go all in. There is no such thing called moderation in this program. You need to go all-in, or not.
  • Are not willing to do the mindset work - Our journey starts with creating a Millionaire mindset. This is a huge part of creating your new wealthy identity. Without that, you can't do business at the next level. So if you are not ready to work on yourself, this amazing journey is not for you.

After all, you need to have a powerful calling, a strong dose of decision making and being adventurous to step into the next zone to receive a level of support and knowledge that you have never had before, and that is going to change your whole world.

ARE YOU THE one I am talking to?

Then we need to talk because there is a magnificent life and extravagant growth is awaiting you.

Want to know more about Me?

I can't wait to see you inside this program and build your premium business and life together because I truly believe that every woman has the power to impact and create millions by doing what they love. And I also believe that creating wealth by creating value and living a privileged life should be every woman's priority.

If you have even the tiniest sparkle within you that you can achieve bigger dreams, take action right now, don't wait until that sparkle goes away. If no one else believes in your goals, if no one thinks that YOU are capable of achieving those big dreams but deep within yourself you have that feeling of faith, this is your time. Even no one believes in that, I believe in you. I care about your success. Most of all, I believe that YOU are meant for bigger things.

Here from others...

Camelia Botoroaga

Reiki Specialist & a Former Lawyer

I will recommend her to anybody who wonders why they are not moving forward financially in their businesses and lives, and who want to turn their lives to a whole new First Class world."

"I have met my most important need at the moment working with Iresha. She found out what stays on my way to accomplish what I wanted professionally. I was stuck. In one session she was able to guide me towards the clear understanding that I was trapped on my father’s projection about what he wanted for me.
Iresha took time to allow me find out what was there for me, she was present holding the space, questioning softly yet making radical changes in my life, my inner realm, in order to get the real answer I was looking for. She is professional, pleasant and warm personality. She made me feel secure and confidant

Iva Kostic

Founder of Doremi Music School, Abu dhabi

You changed my Life

"Beautiful lady with a beautiful soul. Knowing you changed my life completely, thank you."

Apart from all the official information, this is why I am able to bring you the best results.

  • Because your needs, thoughts & fears were once mine.
  • I believe in your dreams, on matter how impossible do they look right now.
  • I come from a state of love.
  • I understand your struggle, years of trying with all kind of programs, yet not finding the right method that helps you with your business, and with real reason why you started a business at the first place.
  • I am a daring woman, like you.
  • You tell me that you want to get wealthy by doing your business, impacting millions of lives, and I am here to do that, exactly that.
  • I want to create wealthy women, and I love doing that.
  • I want all of you to have successful & privileged lives, at the same time creating a ton of value in the world.

"The Best Business Program in the market"

Woman Entrepreneur
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BusinessFit Magazine

The next 4 months could be the best 4 months of your life:

Creating money and visibility as you have never thought before

Stepping into a life of freedom, privileged and wealth.

Creating an image that never is forgotten in your industry.

Creating a massive leap from your current world to the next level world

All these enormous changes in your business and life start with one decision, one small step.

It's here.

Don’t wait! Look at what others have to say...

Renata Zolnoska 

Lab Expert,Germany

" All I have to say to anyone who keep thinking whether to enroll in this program is, just Do it"

"Iresha is an amazing person with an amazing knowledge about how to shift one's life. After working with Iresha, I am finally living the life I always wanted, and most importantly I am not wasting loads of money trying to do all the money mindset seminars and courses which has brought me nothing. I am so glad that I met Iresha. Thank you.".

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This is one of the best decisions you can make in your life, and now is your time to say YES to your dreams.

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