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Iresha Tschunke

Millionaire's Strategy Training

You are a woman with an extraordinary passion and a skill, a woman who can change so many lives and impact millions.

You are also a woman with a big dream, a massive dream for yourself that you always dreamt of, a dream life, a dream state, a dream self that you dream every night.

And you want to create a business combining these two, a business that not only makes you some money but brings you to your dream state, in every possible way.

But in reality, you have no idea how exactly to do that, there is no course or program that teaches you exactly that, and most importantly, you don't have that amount of money to invest in expensive business courses.

So despite you have this big dream, you are stuck at your job, working day in and day out, creating someone else's dream.

Am I speaking to you?

If so my gorgeous and powerful woman, you have come here, to change your life today. And I want to make sure that you don't leave this page without taking that simple step, for a huge change Now.

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

Hello, I am Iresha.

When I started my business, I had 2 goals to achieve. 

1. To make a really big impact in the world and change lives
2. To create my dream life, the big dream I always dreamt.

And I wanted to reach this dream life, by doing what I love, means through my passion-based business.

And then I searched everywhere, all through the internet to find the best route for me to get there. And I remember, looking at those super expensive business programs to start with, and feeling so helpless, because I simply didn't have such a budget to get started.

After being feeling so miserable for months, I finally decided to invest money on one of those most expensive programs, and I borrowed money and did the program from beginning to the end.

And then what? I was left blank, lost without words. The program I did, gave me some knowledge about how to start a business, a website and how to create a funnel and to start marketing, but that is not what I wanted to have. I didn't want to create just a business where I work on selling and earning some money, I wanted to create a business, that leads me to live my dream.

And my dream was not to settle down as an average entrepreneur. I wanted a life where I have an empire, where I have created a certain image for my business and for my self, where I create a massive impact in other lives, where I have extreme financial confidence, and basically I wanted to live life in the next level. For me, that was the success.

And I wanted to create a business, that is aligned with this dream, that transforms me to that person.

And then I looked for many other business programs out there, and I took part in some of them. And guess what, none of them touched the route for the success that I wanted to have.

Then I started to think, many women like me, step into the industry with big dreams, and the learning industry is full with wrong systems, or I would say the systems that have created to fit everyone into one frame. Basically, all you can learn is to create the success what others think is the success, which is to create a business that brings you some money, perhaps a good amount of money, and that is it.

 But what if you want to go beyond that? What if you just don't want to make some money, but to create an overflowing amount of wealth, and to live at the next level? I know, many people wouldn't think like that, and many in our society are scared even to say the words "I want to be rich". But what if you are not one of them, and that you want to be different, and to go to that next level where the minority of the world's population is? And what if you want to create success, like what they have, in your own way?

That is when it clicked to me, the real success for me, includes many elements, and that my business, should be a mini world, where I can create everything I want, where I can create any impact I want, and to connect me with that outer world I am dreaming of.

And yes, to do that and to learn the required knowledge, I had to spend tons of money in different areas. And even then, they were not integrated into my business, and I had to do it my self. And it took so long than I expect it to be.

But I know, not every woman has the capital to spend like that when they start, and most certainly that is the number one reason that many amazing women give up on business.

We can go bigger from the start indeed, and I do have programs for that, but this certain training is designed specifically for the ones who don't have or want to spend a fortune but still to structure your business into that big success.

You don't need to have a lot of money to start with, all you need is the right knowledge, so you can start earning money, even before you finish setting up your business, so you have a capital to invest on your business for the full growth.
Isn't that amazing? I wish I knew this when I started my business.

So this is my gift to all the amazing women out there, who want to start their passion-based coaching business and to achieve their big dreams, but who don't have a lot to spend on. I've got you, and I want you to know that you are so powerful, that you can achieve so much, probably than you ever think of. Just go through this training, and do as exactly as I show you, and there is no way for you to fail.

I want you to be wealthy, successful and to be a great change-maker who you are deep at heart. I don't want anything, to stop your journey. I want you to be able to reach that big dream, that crazy dream, that magnificent dream that no one in your whole family or friend circles has ever reached. Because I believe, you are meant to be different, to go bigger and to change the world.


Now, I’m here to offer you the Training that is going to change your world.

You always wanted to start your own business, and to achieve your big dream through that haven't you? Many women do, but often get stopped in their tracks, mislead and lost in the various business creating programs out there, and most of all, the lack of budget they have in the beginning. When you think about your own business do you:

  • Feel anxious and scared of losing money
  • Worry that other people around you are watching you, so you fear you will fail in front of all of them
  • Fear that you don’t have the money to start 
  • Jealous of seeing other successful coaching business who literally doing your dream work
  • Feeling so helpless and sad that you don't have the money to start with those expensive and/or traditional business courses that the many people do 

I get you, truly. And unfortunately, that is about how far most of people get, no matter how amazing and skillful they are.

But good news for you, if you’re truly determined to create your dream by doing what you really love, if you are ready to look beyond the frame that most people show you as success (especially for beginner entrepreneurs), and yet you don't have big money to start with, you are in the right and the Only place.

Millionaires strategy

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What is inside...

Millionaire's Strategy

1. Video Master Class

There are two main components of the Millionaire’s Strategy which are covered in this Video Master Class.

After doing my master class you will:

  • Know how to build your passion based business in just 8 weeks, step by step from the scratch easily, preparing it to bring you to your absolutely dream life at the same time. And you get to earn money half way through, even before you finish setting up your business, so you have money to re-invest on the further growth as you build it. How amazing is that?
  • Know the holy grail of how to have every aspect of your business in the optimal way, generating money regularly with ease, at the same time maintain your visibility and reputation while building your audience in leaps and bounds, even if you are just a one person business, as well as you are a multi figure business with a big team.

2. Printable Book

This is where you do the actual work by yourself. This book is designed to enhance your planning and learning experience, so you get to very clearly sort and apply the strategies according to your specific niche, goals and style.

Millionaires Strategy

Here’s what people are saying



Transformational Coach

This gave me answers to questions I didn't even know I have to have answers

The content she teaches are going really deep, and the classes really rock it.



Founder of Business & Heels

I wish I had the chance to do this program even before I started my business...

This course is the ultimate foundation for anyone who dreams about a premium business and a premium life and it actually made me re- think about the systems and the organisation of my whole business.



Founder of Doremi Music School Abu Dhabi

This was a once in a lifetime oppotunity sent by the universe at the right time

Dear Iresha, a thousand times thank you for this journey! I enjoyed every step of the way. I am already experiencing huge progress even before I finished it all.
I am looking forward to continue working with you and can't wait!

Don't waste time waiting until you have the money to start your business. Start it now, and learn how to earn money half way through, so you have money to grow your business.

You don't need to have a lot of money to start with, all you need is the right knowledge, so you can start earning money, even before you finish setting up your business, so you have a capital to invest on your business for the full growth.
Isn't that amazing? I wish I knew this when I started my business. 

And I know, there are many amazing women out there, stuck at their jobs and not starting their own passion based business, just because they don't have the right knowledge and a big budget to start with. And my purpose here is to show you and to give you the secret that I have discovered, and that has worked for hundreds of my clients out there, which teaches you how to start your own business and to structure it for the real success no matter how big and impossible it seems (your dream), even if you don't have money to start with.

It is both my philosophy and mission that there should be as many wealthy women in the world as possible. I believe every woman can not only have her own business and create financial freedom, but can become super successful and wealthy to truly live their most daring dreams.

Are you ready to join the ranks of the other proud and successful women I’ve helped to lead?

It’s time to invest in yourself.

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