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  • Revealed: the simple 3 way planning that you need to start doing, right from the beginning, and how much of work you need to do from each, to have an over flow of sales, even if you are just starting out. (Spoiler Alert : There is only one thing you need to do in complete, and others you do only half!)
  • Get the success hacks that will turn your business from beginner to premium
  • Discover the ultimate role as a business owner, and how to lead there from step by step, right from the beginning and establish your business in the right place in the industry

This is the ultimate beginners' Guide to Plan your Business for your First Million and I am very excited to let it on your hand.This is the exact method that I have used to create a very successful business from scratch, and this is the exact method that most of the top successful online business owners use. And I believe, that everyone deserves to have this information.

This guide will teach you:

The ultimate 3 way plan

The ultimate 3 way plan that decides the fate of your business (Many people don't know this)

How to create sales like an experienced entrepreneur, right at the start

You don't have to wait 5 years to go hand in hand with your competitors. You can create sales like a pro AND run a good business, even if you are one person running business.

How to create space for personal life in your business plan

It's important that this section is easily skimmable. Leave more in-depth descriptions for later.

What you need to do full, and what you need to do in half

Even if you are one person business who just starts out, you can get everything in place and create endless sales. You just need to know what you can "half do" and what you should "complete"

Iresha Tschunke

Hello there, I am Iresha Tschunke, the author of this booklet, and the Founder and the owner of Premiumprenuers' School.
My mission is to create as many as wealthy women in the world, women who dare to dream big, and not only that but also to achieve those big dreams by doing what they love.

If you have decided to go in the entrepreneurial path, you know that it takes work. And if you are willing to take that risk, and put that work and energy into it, then it better makes you successful and wealthy.

Your business should be a vehicle that brings you to your ultimate dream lifestyle while creating a massive value in the world. If it brings you anywhere lesser than that, then there is work to do.
And I also believe that getting wealthy should be every woman's priority, as that is how we build the world.

I am very excited to share this book with you for FREE. Because I believe, this information should be hidden from people, especially from passionate entrepreneurs like you.

All the best.

With love,

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