30 Mar

Think Like an Investor, Grow Bigger In Recessions

Iresha Tschunke - Think like an investor
As an entrepreneur, how do you act in times like these? The times when the world is going through a new and unexpected phase, where people wonder with the uncertain images of their own future? What is the role that your business plays in this situation, and how will that decide the fate of your business, and yours?As Entrepreneurs, we have two ways of reacting to this certain situation. 1Stop/Pause selling and embrace the fall of the economy, and let...
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13 Mar

Do not start your business without finding these 3 things

/Before we go to any details, I want you to take time and ask these three questions from yourselves.1Do you have certain specific plans or dreams for your life? A certain lifestyle, a certain amount of money, a certain place to live etc? Do you have specific physical and emotional criteria to feel safe and satisfied?2If your business succeeds at its maximum capacity, does that means that you will be in those exact certain way of living as a result?...
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13 Feb

5 Steps to kick start and press forward through your dreams, even when you feel scared

It is almost mid-February this year,  and it is the perfect time to slow a bit down and to think about how our lives are aligned with our goals.Are you someone who dreams big, and who wants to build a whole new world for you, who wants to run a business that speaks for yourself, and to serve the world with your passion, at the same time being successful? Do you want to be an icon in your field of business,...
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19 Jan

Plan this year to get wealthy

elegant sofa
Did you make your new year's resolutions this year, planning for more money and wealth? Do you actually plan to get wealthier this year? Do you actually believe that this year could be the year that you finally step into that First Class world? If can't believe it, or if you haven't made any plans yet, don't you worry, I have the best plan set out for you. This is a plan that actually works, that brings you more profit, more money,...
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