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Hello gorgeous, I am so glad that you are here. This is where the future millionaire women are created, where you get to tap into that next zone of living.

The topic "Women & Wealth" hasn't been in discussion for a long long time in our world, and fortunately, as we are living in the best times where human evolution has taken a big leap, more and more women are not only taking control of their money, they are also creating their absolute dream lives, demanding every bit that life has to offer ever.

Although that is right, getting into the fullest potential, stepping into the next level of living and letting money and wealth come into their lives has not been always easy for many people out there.

Every day I see women struggling to cross that money line that they have drawn for a long time.

The problem is, most of us put success into different boxes.

You first go really deep in business courses, investing a ton of money. And once you realise that it alone is not bringing you to your big dreams, you step into manifesting, going deeper. And when that is not doing its magic, then you go into spirituality, and then money mindset and so on.

And in the end, you have forgotten why you started it in the first place!

Isn't that what you have been doing so far?

And you know what, that's ok. You did what you thought was the best.

Now what if I say that there's a way for you to let your life & business flow with ease, making your dreams happening, one after the other?

What if you can finally tap into that wealth spot, and turn yourself into one of those lucky people, who don't have to try hard, but nailing it from day 1?

What if you too, can rich and wealthy?

The lesser-known secret is that everybody can make money, be wealthy and be extremely successful, easily. No matter what your horoscope says, what your family and friends say, and how much money you have ever earned.

You are actually supposed to be wealthy. You are not supposed to be struggling.

It is just that many of us don't know how to integrate the universal laws and knowledge of money into real action in the right ratio. That is why people keep working on businesses forever, doing manifesting attempts forever, being spiritual forever without having any money.

The secret is in the right ratio of different knowledge, and the art of integration into real life.

No more failed attempts, no more obscure wishes. Just the actual results, really.

Come over here, join the myriads of other women who have transformed their lives into unimagined success levels and discover how you can too do the same.

I can't wait to see you stepping forward into new money and wealth zones, and creating a whole new first-class world for you.

Tap into that unlimited wealth & money that you are born to have, and let's uncover your success, in ways that you have never imagined.

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Wealthy Empress

Wealthy Empress - 1:1 program

A container where the magick and ancient wisdom meet the earthly money creation. This is what our earth has been longing for a long time, and this is how we bring back the prosperous, wealthy, powerful and aligned female lineages back on earth. Becoming wealthy and creating your heaven on earth is what you are here for. It is your birth right and duty.

Business cure-our best selling self learning program

Discover how easy that is to start your passion based business with ZERO BUDGET and to start getting your income coming in, even before you think.

Business Cure is a super power packed program which gives you the ultimate 8 week plan of creating your dream business with ZERO BUDGET, and let you create your income path, before anything else. So you will never have to be stuck with "No money to invest".

CEO Black Book

CEO Black Book - FREE Download

The perfect structure and guided plan for ultimata expansion and creation. This will open doors and uncover facets of potential that you never knew exist. It is time, for you to go bigger. Let your fulelst potential unleash. Start the year with a bang!

Quantum leaps

Quantum Activation for wealth creation

Download the Quantum Activation Guide that has changed many, many, Many people's lives.

Humanity has chosen suffering, pain and struggle for over thousands of years, and we have forgotten our true blue print, the original human design, which inherrently carries the wealth consciiousness, and the ability to access the quantum realms for creation.

And these abilities are very much accessible and easy to activate within you, and to start creating wealth, money and all the earthly comforts in the easy way, the new age way, that knows no suffering.

To be able to do that, you first need to enter this journey as your pure self, recognising who you really are, what your deepest daring dreams are, and to be in touch with your original seed.

Find out your blue print, and experience your desired realities in the quantum fabric, that already exists at the present moment, and find your wealth spot, the easiest way to bring those realities into your physical reality soon.

Life's Work

Training + book "Discovering Your life's work"

The secret path to your maximum potential lies in the path of your life's work. When we born, we carry a blue print, a plan and a path for ultimate success and creation. Each of us come into this world to be blissfully successful, to create massive value into the world, to become our best selves in everyway, including creating material and spiritual bliss. 

The challenge most of us face is that we are not putting our energies into our life's work in order to make money and become successful. We are trying to do something that is not our life's work, something that is not where our blue print lies. That is why many are struggling in their jobs, careers and businesses to make financial success.

But how can you jump into this so called "life's work?" How do you even recognise that? How to start completely something new, or to change the direction?

Get your hands on this training, all your answers wilil be answered.

FREE 20 day challenge

Dreaming of  starting your own business one day, but it never comes into play? Being thinking to start it soon, but buried in day to day life and never get to make it happen? Download our FREE 20 Day Challenge, where the complete path for you to step into business smoothly, little by little, but in the most profound way is all planned and done for you.

How to make more money

Master Class "Where Is Your Money?" + Downloadable Book

Wondering why can't you go over a certain amount of income, no matter what you try? Whenever your business is going really good, your relationships are falling down, and do you wonder why? Whenever you receive a good amount of money, something happens that you have to spend it all away sooner than you think?

And yet, you do have big dreams, you want to create your dream life, be a wealthy business owner and be a wealthy and successful woman.

If this is you, don't think twice, go ahead and watch this master class immediately. Because this is going to give you a BIG AHA moment, and take you directly to the right money path. For some of you this will be a light bulb moment, and for some of you this will be a big bang in the head to wake you up, and either way, this class will do it's purpose, and that is to wake you up, into the right money journey.

Earn your first million


Started your own passion-based business with big dreams, but being lost in two many things to be done? Do you wonder how on earth to get all those marketing, social media, content creation, client work and so many other things done and grow your business when you are just one-person business? This Handbook shows you what exactly you have to do every day (and in which amount) to get the money coming in, and what you need to do in smaller proportions to set the business for accelerated growth, even if you are just starting out!

Iresha Tschunke

founder & ceo of wealthy entrepreneurs' Academy

Iresha Tschunke

Hello, I am Iresha, your wealth & success mentor. I am so glad and honoured that you are here, and it is my will and pleasure to make your experience here as much as educational, eye-opening and inspirational.
If you wonder who am I, I am the Founder & the CEO of Wealthy Entrepreneurs' Academy, and I have worked with hundreds of women helping them to find their money spot, and to let wealth and success flow into their lives and businesses, in ways that they never have imagined before.

I am very proud and blessed to be where I am today, but my journey didn't start this big. I started my journey as a business coach and was struggling day by day to get the desired outcome of money and wealth. After trying a million business courses, a vast number of spirituality and manifesting programs and being totally exhausted one day, I got this vision or download as you may call it, that money and wealth is not something that can be achieved in the way that we are used to. I got the understanding that everything is one. That the success is one unified unit which is made of energy, money laws and the right business systems. And right on that day, my life changed.

So over time, I had studied, learnt and mastered the right amount and the combination of energy, money and business work that one needs to have to create the ultimate success, where the magic starts to happen. And I have helped hundreds of women to leave their old, struggling and poor selves, and to become the happy, wealthy and successful selves who get to live their absolute dream lives.

So, that was about me in a nutshell, and if you fancy knowing even more, then
 CLICK HERE, and I will tell you more about me. 💖

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