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There are 2 reasons for a person to start a business and become an Entrepreneur.

  1. 1
    She/he has a great passion, skill or expertise that she/he is confident and absolutely love about, that can change lives.
  2. 2
    She/he wants to create a certain type of lifestyle and to create the life of her/his dreams.

And if you are an entrepreneur, how far have you fulfilled these both reasons for starting your business?

And yes, doing business is a lot of work, which takes a massive amount of energy, time and a considerable amount of energy.

So if you are going on that road, if you choose to build your ideal First Class lifestyle by doing a business that you love, if you put that massive amount of work and energy into your business,
then it better makes you rich.

Is this you?

  • Have you been doing all sorts of money work, money mindset work, business coaching, money coaching and paid thousands of money to end up with temporary results, and to find your self back at square one sooner than you thought?
  • Are you tired of following all the youtube videos, all the seminars, courses about money mindset which has brought results for others, but not for you?
  • You see other people in your industry making money and getting wealth and living the life of your dreams, and you want to have the same, yet you are stuck at the same place in your business?
  • You wish to bring your business to the next level, have a premium business with premium clients, creating your own first-class story and earning stupendous amounts of money but you don't know what you exactly should do?
  •  You want to be able to afford anything and everything you want in this world, and to have the freedom to enjoy luxury travelling, enjoy the finest things in the world, and most of all, to live your life with first-class privileges, to have enormous amount of free time to spend with your loved ones and to have all the help in the world for everything you need, and you have been doing all the money work, all those money affirmations, money mindset work but your life and business are not where you want them to be. And you wonder why?

Because, you have been doing it all wrong...

But Now is the time for you to get the right knowledge. Now is the time for you to get away from the old traditional work hard methods and to embrace your powerful feminine energy and to master the art of getting successful in the new way.

And most of all, Now is the time for you to Go Bigger! Enough playing small!

Not sure if this is the right time for you to start getting rich, for you to start creating that First Class Life?

I have one News for you. That is,

There is no perfect time to start anything than RIGHT NOW.

So, what do you choose to become?

Money Mindset Elite 

Meet Iresha Tschunke

Iresha Tschunke, the VIP money mindset coach, the revolutionary transformation creator of the new generation who has been doing a tremendous work shifting many women around the world to earn more money, to create a millionaire mindset and to create them a completely new lifestyle, a complete Premium Life Style by doing the business they love. Basically, Iresha is known to turn Entrepreneurs to Rich. 

After the years of living and working in different countries including South Asia, Middle East and Europe she has unlocked the secret to a wealthy life, and the key to actually get wealthy, and to stay wealthy without falling back, being rejected or being highlighted as so-called "Newly Rich" although you are actually newly rich.

Iresha Tschunke

Iva Kostic

The Founder of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

Beautiful lady with beautiful soul! Knowing you has changed my life! Thank you! ❤️

"What helps to reduce poverty in the world is not giving bread to the poor. What they need is the inspiration, a clear path to rise, to earn money, and lots and lots of it. Be that role model, be that job creator, be that person who put money into the circulation, be rich and change the world. Be the kind of woman the world needs"

- Iresha Tschunke-

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